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KAJ   has   several   processes  in  place   that  ensure   operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. We utilize M3 accounting software which offers  us endless  tools in  analyzing multiple  aspects of our hotels.   We are able  to use this  software not  only for operational  expense efficiencies but also labor efficiencies.

Guest Satisfaction

​Our guest service philosophy is simple. Do not allow corporate policies and procedures to get in the way of our most important goals; servicing our guests and providing a very employee friendly work environment. At KAJ we believe creating a positive work environment will always give us the ability to better service our guests. 

High guest satisfaction is accomplished not only through the use of multiple brand tools available to us but also internal procedures that allow us to identify guest satisfaction opportunities. Weekly department meetings allow us to identify opportunities in brand surveys and also TripAdvisor surveys. We give a lot of weight to our hotels’ TripAdvisor rating as this can be a very useful tool to use alongside the brand guest surveys.

Simple. Trust. Communication.

Revenue Generation

1. Sales 

Each of our properties has a Director of Sales whose responsibilities include outside sales, inside sales, CRM and involvement with the local Chamber & CVB. We believe strongly in local relationships and think it is crucial for our hotels to be very active in all Chamber and CVB events to build and maintain customer relationships.

2. Marketing

Marketing also plays a key role in our hotel’s success, especially in the months before and after opening a new hotel. A very aggressive direct marketing effort is crucial to help accelerate the ramp up process. Press releases are also important and very helpful in keeping the community and industry informed on what is happening with our company and its hotels. For new construction multiple press releases before and during construction can generate a lot of interest and curiosity about what is to come. The Internet also plays a key role in a solid marketing plan. Some examples of Internet marketing we use are SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click & E-Mail Marketing.

3. Revenue Management

Revenue Management is one of KAJ’s greatest strengths. We pride ourselves in our ability to outperform our comp sets in RevPAR index (RGI). CFO Aaron Johnson is involved on a daily basis with each of the properties discussing rooms on the books, pickup from previous day, reservations made the prior day, etc… Rate changes and/or stay restrictions are made on almost a daily basis to make sure we are maximizing all revenue opportunities.