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Yes, revenue, profitability, and investor returns are a top priority. But what if all these things are secondary and the result of People. KAJ is a Here for People company and we believe a people-first approach drives all other metrics. The results won’t come without first focusing on people.

Now, more than ever, we need to focus on partnering with people in our industry looking for support and guidance as the world of hospitality shifts and adjusts to a new normal.

What’s your goal this year? Take the first step by recognizing our partner process. The guide is comprehensive by design to share our process with you as you determine your next steps in hotel acquisition, management and operations.

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Partnering to Protect Hospitality.

Hotel management & operations.

Our ability to meet the expectations to deliver a meaningful impact across the entire operation is how we measure success. KAJ Hospitality Management Group can assist with all aspects of hotel operations — including talent acquisition, training and retention; implementing reporting systems, budgets, projections, sales and marketing initiatives and community involvement. Or, our management services can be parsed out individually, depending on what your property and team need for support.

Now is the time to collaborate. Now is the time to put people first.


Revenue Management.

We combine art and science in regard to consumer and market behavior to predict the right strategies to forecast hotel property opportunity for occupancy and revenue. We pride ourselves in our ability to outperform our comp sets in RevPAR index (RGI) and our financial team is involved on a daily basis across each property to proactively manage and maximize every revenue opportunity.


Guest Satisfaction.

Our guest service philosophy is one of simplicity: keep the human experience at the forefront of all decisions, guiding our business practices across all aspects of operation. We won’t allow corporate policies and procedures to get in the way of our goals. We continually adapt to changing consumer preferences and create an environment for people to thrive in, both professionally as team members and personally as guests.


Human Resources.

We provide direction to the most critical aspect of hospitality: people. We can assist with managing talent; recruitment, training and retention; developing a human resources strategy that establishes your property as an employment destination; and professional oversight of payroll, benefits coordination and employee engagement.


Accounting & Finance.

KAJ’s background and experience in hospitality financial planning for owners and investors is enhanced by our ability to develop and execute operating forecasts, potential threats, cash flow projections, capital expenditure plans and property improvement plan recommendations. Our goal is to provide a crystal clear financial picture in order for key stakeholders to make well-informed investment decisions.


Sales & Marketing.

A comprehensive marketing plan is customized for each hotel property and ideally executed by a driven, highly engaged sales team. KAJ assists in both building a training program for the sales team and a framework in which to create necessary contacts to build a strong pipeline that leads guests straight to your property.

People-First Reputation
People-First Reputation

Experienced, Hands-On Approach
Experienced, Hands-On Approach

Proven Business Process
Proven Business Process

Meet the leadership team at KAJ Hospitality Management Company.

Aaron Johnson


Chief Vision Officer

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Bryan Ahlers


VP of Sales and Revenue Strategy

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Sara Lussman


Executive Vice President

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McKenzie Hettich


VP of Operations

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Randy Carlson


Regional Director of Operations

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Jesse Helms


Regional Director of Operations

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Christine Dwyer


Regional Director of Operations

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Brian Johnson


Revenue Manager

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Bronwyn Bergeson


Revenue Manager

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Heidi Gravett


Payroll & Benefits Manager

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Leah Monahan


Senior Accountant

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Kate Noterman


Marketing Manager

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Becca Cater-Weight


Human Resource Leader

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Kyle Gullotto


Task Force General Manager

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Stephanie Mincker


Task Force General Manager

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Zach Poser


Task Force Maintenance

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Andrea Stevenson


Sales Support Manager

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Our Partners Process.

After introductions and a needs assessment, KAJ Hospitality will make recommendations for partnering with you on behalf of your project or property.