Behind Our Brand.

At KAJ, we’re people-focused. Our mission is to foster a culture that inspires the people we engage with on a daily basis to achieve anything and everything they desire.

People Over All Else.

Relationships Are the Foundation of Every Business Decision.

Since 1993 when KAJ Hospitality got its start with a Days Inn in Oacoma, SD, we’ve kept a firm grip on the notion of family; it’s woven into each business decision we make. But why? Family is about expressing individualism within the safe acceptance of belonging. It’s about showing up in times of good and bad. Protecting and promoting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s lightheartedness and goodwill. It’s comfort and familiarity.

Family is having firm expectations and an unrelenting commitment to the people and the house you serve together.

KAJ is a second-generation, family-owned and operated business, led by Aaron Johnson. Our legacy, founded by Aaron's dad, Kevin Johnson, and our vision will always be aligned and focused on people as we take our brand to next level.




Leadership Comes From Everyone.

Aaron Johnson


Chief Vision Officer

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Bryan Ahlers


VP of Sales and Revenue Strategy

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Sara Lussman


Executive Vice President

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McKenzie Hettich


VP of Operations

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Diane Hanisch


VP of Finance

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Randy Carlson


Regional Director of Operations

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Jesse Helms


Regional Director of Operations

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Christine Borpie


Regional Director of Operations

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Brian Johnson


Revenue Manager

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Bronwyn Bergeson


Revenue Manager

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Heidi Gravett


Payroll & Benefits Manager

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Jasen Hanisch


Corporate Facilities Manager

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Leah Monahan


Senior Accountant

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Kate Noterman


Marketing Manager

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We Show Up with Empathy

We Take Care of People

We Include Others

We Inspire to Succeed

We Overcome Obstacles

Your Career is Ready.

We Invite You to Stay Awhile.

KAJ Hospitality has room for you—and room for you to grow. That’s the thing about the hotel business. Many of us in leadership got our start in housekeeping, maintenance, front desk, breakfast service—you name it. Our vast experience makes each property unique in our ability to not only serve our guests but each other as well. Our team could use more of that hands-on approach to hospitality. That’s where you come in. Our employees enjoy both personal and professional growth, community involvement, mentorship, and plenty of workplace fun. And we firmly believe hospitality is a great launchpad for any career aspirations. KAJ is honored to offer professional foundations to many individuals.

Looking for your next great opportunity? It’s time to check in with KAJ Hospitality.