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7 Perfect Hospitality Jobs for College Students


College feels like the most exciting time of your life—you’re making friends from all around the world, you’re pursuing your passions,’re racking up the debt. Between textbooks, tuition, and fun nights out, it’s easy to feel the pressure to get a part-time job to help cover expenses. 

The question is: which job? You need something that pays a college student decently, but is also flexible enough to fit your schedule. Even better if it helps develop skills you can leverage after graduation, right? 

hotel front desk worker KAJ is the answer you’ve been looking for. The hospitality industry is tailor-made to fit a wide variety of skills and interests. These jobs pay well and have shifts running 24/7 to suit your needs. KAJ also goes the extra mile with its family-oriented support system to make sure your job is not only a way to make ends meet, but a way to foster critical skills for real life post-graduation. 

We know college can feel overwhelming. The idea of taking on more responsibilities might seem daunting, but at KAJ, we want to help you succeed in every aspect of your life, not just your time with us. So, how exactly can KAJ Hospitality fit your needs? Here are seven different ways you can be a perfect fit for our team! 

Team #1: Event coordination 

Do you love organizing student events? Are you a leader looking to shine and get paid for it? We are always eager to welcome new event coordinators onto our team. Event coordinators at KAJ work directly with our sales team to facilitate exciting projects. 

If you blossom out in the world with one hand glued to your planner and one giving a friendly wave, this is the place for you. Event coordination is a fantastic way to build your resume and hone your creative and logistical skills. 


Team #2: Food and Beverage 

KAJ-1200x628_0000s_0080_KAJ--227Even the best dining halls in the country can leave you wanting for a bit of variety that fits your budget. When you work in a KAJ food or beverage position, you get discount meals with every shift. Prefer being the one in the chef’s hat? We also hire cooks and chefs for a wide array of venues. 

Whether serving or making a culinary treat, you’ll gain skills and experience in our food and beverage department that will make you an ideal candidate for the career market while keeping your stomach full and your spirits high. 


Team #3: Housekeeping 

hotel housekeeper with towelsHousekeeping is a masterclass in attention to detail and time management. Our team works quickly and effectively to make sure our guests have everything they need. Housekeepers are the true backbone of hospitality. 

Are you a morning person looking for an activity before the rest of campus wakes up? Take advantage of that energy before you head off to class and build your skills and stamina while you’re at it.


Team #4: Night Auditor/Front Office 

Maybe you’re on the opposite side of our early bird housekeepers. Are you that night owl in the student lounge who goes to sleep at 5am? We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help. 

A breakfast shift at your local diner would never work with your sleep schedule, but a front office night position with KAJ absolutely would. We need your nocturnal energy on our team and interacting with our guests after a long day. Your peak hours might not be ideal for the 9-5, but they are more than welcome here. 


Team #5: Maintenance 

Do you love working with your hands and creating? Our maintenance department is the perfect place for you. Our maintenance team works hands-on (literally) to make our KAJ properties shine from top to bottom. The fixers of KAJ are a vital part of our family as they work quickly to solve problems and troubleshoot from the lawn to the ceiling. 

Physical work is a great way to destress from classes. If you believe there’s a solution for everything and looks go beyond surface details, you might just have the eye we’re looking for. 


Team #6: Sales 

Sales is one of the most beneficial jobs for any college student. The sales department combines a unique mix of critical thinking, enthusiasm, people skills, and goal-oriented tasks. Not only can a job in hospitality sales be an adventurous challenge, it can also work with a flexible schedule. 

The skills learned in a sales job are endless and the patience, leadership, scrutiny, and ambition gained from our team will turn you into a top career candidate at the end of your four years. 


Team #7: Transportation 

Are you the type of person who always greets the bus driver when you hop on? Do you love driving and getting to know people? Our transportation team was made for you. With shifts running at numerous times in numerous places, you’ll easily be able to fit us into your busy schedule. 

Plus, if you’re a student coming in from out of town, what better way to get to know your new home than driving around it and meeting the people?


Choose a job that makes your life easier. 

College is all about finding who you are and figuring out where you want to be in the world. It’s a challenging path, but with the right people on your side, that journey can be smooth sailing. We want to work with you to find the best fit for your current skills and help you acquire new ones.

We believe there is a place for everyone in hospitality because everyone has the ability to care about other people. We strive to treat all individuals who engage with our brand like family, and that includes you.

Are you looking for a part-time job that will work with you and your schedule while also building critical real-world skills? Don’t settle for just making money: contact KAJ Hospitality today to join our team and find the perfect job for you.


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