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The 10 Best First-Time Jobs for Teens

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If you're searching for your first job and dealing with rejection, you may want to go after the kinds of jobs you can win more easily.

There are a million jobs out there, and selecting one of the true best jobs for teens can seem like an impossible task. With endless opportunities to choose from, you might be wondering about the highest paying jobs for teens, or simply which jobs will give you flexibility.

Luckily, we’ve made your search a little easier by compiling a list of the 10 best jobs for teenagers and young adults. By picking positions that are flexible, hospitality-centric, high-paying, and perfect for beginners, you’ll excel (even without a huge resume!) and start making that extra cash.

Check out our ten picks below!


10. Restaurant Host/Hostess

A host or hostess is the first face a guest sees when walking into their favorite restaurant. You’ll answer phones, make reservations, make food recommendations, take coats for evening dinner shifts, and provide weekend help for brunches and breakfasts. 

In addition to being an awesome first introduction to the restaurant industry, this job also offers the potential for tips.

9. Dog Walker

Do you love pets? Do you sometimes feel like a dog whisperer? Then starting a dog walking business might just be for you. Become your own boss with a lot of super cute, four-legged clients, and set your own hours. The only requirement is a love of dogs. 

While you can always ask to walk the dogs in your neighborhood, there are apps like Wag that can source clients all over your city, making it one of the best jobs for teens who are ambitious self-starters.

8. Retail Sales Associate

If you have a favorite store at the mall, this popular first-time job might be your best bet. You’ll learn to work the cash register, restock inventory, and manage fitting rooms, all with an awesome discount on your favorite clothes. 

If you have an eye for fashion (or just really love mall pretzels), this part-time-friendly job could be your perfect pick.

7. Barista

Coffee lovers unite! Though the skill takes a bit of training, you can learn to whip up lattes and macchiatos like a pro, whether in a coffee shop, high-end restaurant, or hotel. 

With early morning breakfast and weekend shifts available, it’s perfect for part-time job seekers, and provides the extra bonus of constant caffeination!

6. Babysitter

There’s a chance you’re already experienced in childcare, be it with siblings, family friends, or neighbors. You can absolutely turn that experience into an excellent—and well-paid—part-time job. 

With most parents needing weekend help with their children (or help on date night), it can fit right within your schedule. You can also have the leverage to set a high hourly rate, making it one of the clear highest-paying jobs for teens. 

Similar to dog walking, while you can source neighborhood or recommended clients, there are also many online sites like that can source clients on your behalf.

5. Server

If appetizers and entrees are your passion, then working as a server might be the job for you. Though sometimes high-pressured and fast-paced, working in food and beverage can have serious pros: like the ability to work late nights, weekends, summer, part-time hours, and learning a lot about food and wine.

In addition, you can make a lot of money in tips, and apply your newfound service skills to a slew of other professional positions.

4. Small Business Owner 

If you’ve been told you have a gift for making candles, artwork, or jewelry, you can turn that hobby into a small business right from home. Make your own website (or use a helpful seller’s platform like Etsy) and start your own online store. Pick your product, pick your price, open up your shop, and make your first sale. It really is that simple. 

Best of all, you can do it from home: on your own hours, with your own product. And with some top sellers on Etsy making thousands of dollars per month, you have the ability to make some serious coin.

3. Customer Service Representative 

Most companies require customer service representatives to keep their business running smoothly. You’ll answer phones, emails, and text messages (activities you’re likely already pretty proficient in), and help customers get the answers to their questions. 

Many receptionist positions even allow you to work from home and make your own schedule, making this position a perfect fit for an after-school or weekend work option.

2. Spa Receptionist


In addition to being super relaxing, working as a receptionist at a spa is among the best jobs for teens who have a knack for customer service. Learn more about the self-care industry, including massage, cosmetology, or dermatology, all while honing your skills in hospitality and service. 

As an added bonus, most spa employees usually receive a discount on merch and treatments. Can you say spa day?

1. Hotel Front Desk Agent


Learn more about hotel service by working at the front desk of your local luxury getaway. With tons of part-time positions available, this is a great place to learn the ins and outs of hospitality, and even explore other in-hotel jobs that may be perfect for your skillset. 

Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to work weekend, summer, or late-night graveyard shifts, so it’s ideal for an applicant with a busy schedule.

Ready to start applying? 

Now that you have a grasp on some great well-paying, entry-level jobs perfect for you, it’s a great time to begin your search. With the various positions above to suit a variety of skill sets and interests, you can go forward with total confidence. 

Check out some excellent job opportunities for teens available now in your area by exploring the KAJ Hospitality website!

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