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Hotel HouseKeeping 101: Duties, Salary, & How to Get Hired


Do you gasp when you walk into a hotel room? 

Not out of fear, but from the pristine, spotless oasis in front of you? Those crisp sheets neatly tucked in, the glimmering, streak-free shine of the bathroom...there’s something special about walking into a hotel room.

You could give people that feeling!

Housekeeping jobs in hotels are crucial to the hospitality industry. A well-done housekeeping job sets the tone for the guest’s visit—you’re creating a safe haven for them to return to for the entirety of their stay. That’s a lot of power‒maybe not on an Avengers-level, but on an emotional level.

If you’re the type of person who needs to straighten a crooked painting on the wall or fluff that pillow just so, you’re in luck. You already possess a quality of a successful housekeeper! Read on to learn your duties and expectations. 

Do You Have What it Takes? Housekeeper Duties 


Your goal is to be a magical cleaning fairy—you slip in while guests are away or after they have checked out and leave behind a sparkling, tidy space. 

Housekeeping is often referred to as an “invisible” job, meaning it’s more likely to be noticed when a job isn’t well-done. However, you can be recognized as an exceptional housekeeper if you achieve the following housekeeper duties:

Tidying up

When you clean a guest’s room, you will do basic upkeep: make the bed, collect and remove the trash, assess towel and linen needs, gather up dirty dishes, etc. Pretty easy, right? You’ve trained for this your entire life!



Think of deeply cleaning like brushing your teeth. Sometimes they appear clean, but there can be lots of plaque and food residue coating them that you can’t see. So, not only do you need to tidy the room, but also disinfect. 

You’ll wipe down bathroom surfaces, scrub the toilet, take out the trash, vacuum, and dust. Whether your guest noshed on Cheetos in their bed or had a toothpaste explosion in the sink, they’ll appreciate your attention to detail.



This is pretty simple: when a guest uses something, it’s your duty to replace it! 

Think of replenishing as being a convenience store for your guest. You’re there to replace toiletries, grab more glasses, drop off extra coffee, bring a fresh towel, etc. You never want your guest to be in need.

Training to become a housekeeper isn’t like prepping for the Olympic trials—you’ve been doing these tasks in your own life to take care of yourself. Now, you’re just taking care of another person. And, getting paid to do it.

You CAN Make a Living

Salary and hourly wages may be dependent on the state you’re working in, and whether the company you’re working for starts their employees at minimum wage.

You can also make some extra cash! Although tipping isn’t standard for housekeepers, many guests leave behind a small amount of money for your stellar cleaning skills. The average tip is about five dollars.

What about promotions? Good news—there’s room for growth! Housekeeping departments can have an Assistant Housekeeping Manager, a Director of Housekeeping, a Laundry Manager, etc. 

Spotlight Your Skillset to Win the Job!

Don’t send out an SOS if you don’t have a hotel housekeeping resume. Other jobs and skillsets can be your raft, and take you to the shores of a new housekeeper job! The baseline requirement is typically a high school diploma; however, you’ll need a bit more to discuss during your interview.

Similar Occupations

You may not have been a housekeeper in the past, but a myriad of occupations have almost identical duties to a housekeeper. For example, the duty of a school janitor is also cleaning—the crux of a housekeeping job but without the rambunctious kids. 

Other jobs within the hospitality industry such as servers, bussers, and front desk employees are valuable assets to your resume. These positions know how to turn over spaces, quickly clear and clean, and interact with guests. Any job on your resume with similar responsibilities works in your favor and should absolutely be mentioned in your interview!

Interpersonal Skills 

You must be ready at a moment’s notice—a guest may return mid-vacuum, or tap you in the hallway to ask for an extra pillow. You’re there to make sure they have a comfortable, relaxing visit, so being ready to chat at any time is crucial. Have a reference on your application who can vouch for your personal skills, whether it be the barista you chat up every morning or your BFF.


Travel doesn’t take a day off. No matter if it’s the weekend, a major holiday, or poor-weather seasonal, someone will always be on the go. Open availability with flexibility is a must.

Think You Could be a Housekeeping Hero?


Housekeeping is an essential component of the hotel industry. Guests need a pristine space for the duration of their stay. Diligent housekeeping can lead to positive customer reviews—and will hopefully lead to guests rebooking.

If you believe you’d be a stellar housekeeper, we have good news: KAJ is hiring for housekeeping positions today! Learn more about the application process and how to apply on the KAJ employment page.

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