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No Experience, No Problem: 4 Reasons to Work for KAJ Hospitality

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Without experience, it can be difficult to find a company that will take your job application seriously. In order to succeed, you may need to apply to a new kind of company.

Here at KAJ, training is our passion. We want you to feel like you belong, regardless of your background or work history. So we’ve built a hospitality brand that focuses on people over profit, with a wide variety of high-paying, entry-level positions perfect for applicants with little to no experience. 

There is a litany of reasons why KAJ Hospitality is an exceptional company. We’ve narrowed that list down to the top four… keep reading to check them out below!


4. We Maintain a Compassionate, Family-Oriented Culture

Since our founding in 1993, we’ve held firm to our ethos: that our brand, first and foremost, is about people. Every guest who comes through our doors feels welcomed into a home, made up entirely of our family of employees. 

When you become an employee of KAJ Hospitality, you’re not just a replaceable worker bee: you’re a family member of a company that seeks to foster your individuality and give you new opportunities.

We want you to feel cozy with KAJ for the long haul, in the same way we want our guests to feel cozy when they’re getting the hospitality experience of a lifetime.

3. We Focus Heavily on Our Process for Training New Employees

Don’t let the lack of job experience on your resume stop you from applying to KAJ Hospitality. We inspire our employees to achieve greatness by helping them learn new skills and giving them the confidence to succeed in their new positions.

Anyone can learn and become a powerful decision-maker in our company, regardless of previous experience. With hard work and dedication, our teammates can excel in some of the best no-experience jobs, and rocket themselves up the company ladder.

2. We Hire a Wide Variety of Entry-Level Positions

Restaurant Host/Hostess 

If you love a great brunch or a delicious meal, becoming a restaurant host or hostess might be the perfect position for you. 

Ideal for those seeking flexible hours, competitive pay, and learning more about food and beverage, the hostess position is one where your personality can shine.

Hotel Front Desk Agent


If you’re the go-to for excellent local recommendations, a front-desk position at one of our hotels might be calling your name. Learn the ins and outs of hotel service and guest-focused care in a role where you’ll get to be the first face hotel guests see. 



If you’ve dreamt of slinging martinis and pouring the perfect G&T, a bartender position is the perfect first step for you (and one of the most lucrative, no-experience jobs). 

Support your fellow bartenders while learning all about the intricacies of beer, wine, and specialty cocktails—and enjoy a handsome share of the tips each night. 


If you’re the type of person who can hardly breathe if a single hair is out of place in your home, a housekeeping job can help you monetize your compulsive cleaning behaviors. 

This is one of those no-experience jobs that pay well, and with a little training, you’ll be ready to make guests sigh in awe as they walk into their immaculate hotel room for the first time.

Line Cook


Dream of becoming a master chef? Start your journey as a line cook, and discover the high-paced, delectable day-to-day duties in a restaurant kitchen. 

This job is not for the faint of heart, but if you enjoy the challenge of keeping up with fast-paced demand, throw your hat in the ring for one of our line cook positions.


If you’re a social butterfly who enjoys meeting a flurry of exciting new people each and every day, a server position might be one of the best part-time jobs for your personality. 

You’ll take orders, refill drinks, and check in with your tables frequently to make sure they’re having the best restaurant experience of their lives. It’s truly one of the top jobs that require little or no experience in the field.


This is one of the simplest no-experience jobs that pay well. A busser supports the server by tidying up tables, and lend a helping hand where needed. You’ll need to move quickly, but if you can keep up, you’ll make bank!


1. We Offer Ample Opportunity for Growth


At KAJ, we understand that great employees are dynamic, capable, and focused on the next great thing.

We want to be there to provide constant opportunity to members of our team, whether that means staying in a position you love for years or finding a new position that works better for you. 

Is management on your mind? Is corporate calling your name? At KAJ, we believe your dreams are within reach, and we’ve made a promise to do whatever we can to help you get there.

Join Our Family today!

There are many other reasons why our team members love working with KAJ Hospitality. While it would take an eternity to list all of them, you can easily see for yourself by applying to join the team.

To see all of our currently open positions, head to our Careers page. You can also learn more about KAJ by visiting our website. We look forward to reviewing your application, and can’t wait to welcome you to the KAJ Hospitality family.

We treat everyone who engages with our brand like family. The same goes for  our employees, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Find Your Next Career

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